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Revolution Of The New Artificial Blood

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Revolution of the new artificial blood

is the latest new technology for the medics and for emergency medicine crew. The daily mail announced lately that: Researchers and Scientists are developing new technology “artificial blood”; the first artificial red blood cells in the world designed to emulate the vital functions of natural red blood cells; which could save some people’s lives especially for blood transfusion patients; within the next 10 years.

This revolution of the new artificial blood technology won’t replace the human blood; but it could give the patients some of the vital time they may need to get to hospital; and receive human blood by the regular traditional blood transfusion.

The researchers are applying the advanced biomedical engineering methods to improve the delivery of human life saving treatments to most of the patients; and to most of medical conditions. These new methods are highly designed for the medics and for emergency medicine crew to carry therapies directly to the accidents sites; battle or places unable to be evacuated etc … And to be available in the patient’s body where they are most needed; which could provide a lot of advantages over traditional and systemic methods; which could  also provide a substantial advantage over traditional, systemic methods.

Also; the researchers’s studies highlight the main benefits of emerging technological tools such as engineered drug delivery vehicles and nanotechnology.

The nanotechnology-based product will change the whole world and also could represent an innovative alternative to blood transfusions that would be very valuable especially on the battlefield, accidents sites and in a lot of other situations where donated blood is difficult to obtain or store. ErythroMer,” the artificial cells” are designed to be freeze-dried and to be stored at the regular ambient temperatures, and simply reconstituted at any time with water when you need it.

The benefits of this revolution of the new artificial blood:

The first trials made in rats demonstrated that the artificial blood could be used to resuscitate animals in shock that had lost around 40 per cent of their blood. If all of these results confirmed that it’s safe for use in humans.

ErythroMer is based on synthetic nano-cells which mimic red blood cells in the body; all these trials made on rates have shown it can keep them alive as well as normal blood transfusions. All you just need is  adding some water approach could prove vital to medics working in the field, it will helping to save trauma patients  from dying shock at the scene. and for medics in the field, getting replacement blood into patients as soon as possible can make the difference between life and death.

So the benefits of this revolution of the new artificial blood are :

  •  This artificial blood is a powder.
  • You may mix this powder with water at any time and be ready for transfusion in seconds; unlike the human red blood cells, which live for around 120 days only.
  • These synthetic cells are very small it’s just one-fiftieth the size of a human red blood cell.
  • They can freeze it dried.
  • You can store it at room temperature and in IV plastic bag that a medic would carry.
  • It’s Easy to carry at anytime without being spoiled or even any additional care.
  • Yes, it’s very easy to found in all places and even the hard reached areas.
  • plus there will be more benefits in the new future.

Finally; the researchers and Scientists team believes that if the next phases of this clinical testing go as they put it to plan; this revolution of the new artificial blood could be made available within the next 10 years. So never ever lose hope.

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