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Easter Holiday Package

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Easter holiday package

                                                                   what do you mean by that? You + your small family (wife and kids) + your big family (brothers and sisters etc) + best friends + great holiday time = the best full package you can ever had.

I think it’s time for you to be there that day.

Easter Day is always held on a Sunday but the date is varies not on a specific day like Christmas; which is always on 25 December. That’s mean it’s a movable feast but it happens on different dates depending on where do you live in the world

Easter is great time to forget about your virtual world and back to your reality world; and its time to call your family and friends for a big great opportunity for grand gathering and enjoying the joy of family life. By the way they will be so happy to hear that from you more than anything else.

Grape your gifts for children to make them happy that day. Because I consider it one of the most important funniest day for them ; then be ready for that religious family gathering day.

Rabbits, eggs, Easter lamb and Easter egg trees are the famous symbols of Easter.

Easter considered the second highly commercialized holiday after the Christmas Eve when millions of chocolate is sold of Easter eggs and bunnies shapes. In The Easter time people brings a basket full of Bunnies with goodies to children. Egg hunt is a great game for the children in Easter time; its hidden chocolate eggs gifts so children have to look for them and then enjoy the taste of the great chocolates.

Easter is the second major religious holiday celebrated in grand manners after Christmas Eve; people celebrate it with family gathering and enjoying that day with that great weather in parks or back yards.

The Easter

is a significant Christian feast day and very important too for all Christian people; it’s the most confusing holiday of its dates; but unlike most days in the Christian calendar this holiday is never fixed and it will never been fixed because of the changes according to the lunar calendar.

It’s time to celebrate the most beautiful season of the year, the season of the beauty of nature and flowers blooming. In this season you may feel like you are living in green paradise; where you can watch the falling leaves from all trees on the ground or on the rivers. While all of world birds are singing happily. Yes it’s the spring time which always comes with Easter Holiday. While people celebrate Easter in many ways around the world; it’s time to celebrate your own Easter differently. Most of Christians go to churches at the evening before Easter to pray; and light a special Pascal candle. Then sing some special songs which people sing in church in that day. And all kids get ready to have some chocolates and candies.

The egg is a symbol of any new life; used as a symbol of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter in Sunday. Most of people are representing the spring and celebrate the rebirth and re-invigoration after the harshness of winter.

This is why we do see a lot of chicks, lambs and some more other cute and lovely animals on cards. They do all of that on purpose to remind us of the continuation of life.

And nowadays a lot of people use it commercially; and deal with it as a massive deal.  Most of retailers and all of manufacturers love to get in on the holiday and persuade us to part with our money by buying Easter eggs, cards and anything about lambs and bunnies. We always love easter holiday



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Easter Eggs

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