Amazing Colorful Easter Eggs For Easter Day

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Amazing colorful Easter eggs for Easter day

are a tradition way for all families and friends to spend a spectacular day.  This is an old tradition thing to do in Easter time; this is why most people have been decorating Easter eggs for centuries and they still do same thing until now.

Every single year, as the Easter approaches with spring season; most people across the whole world do two things in Easter time. First thing they hard boil Easter eggs then dye them with some brilliant colors to make the amazing colorful Easter eggs.  You and your family may look for a cool way or may be more other ways for coloring Easter eggs; or even decorate them. That doesn’t mean it required from you any crafting skills.  Most of kids adore doing the traditions ways in coloring Easter eggs and they also love trying the experimenting with new ways to play around with coloring Easter eggs.

Some people they do have their own tradition way in coloring Easter eggs for their Easter.

As you know for the early centuries before the early Christians celebrated Easter. So many people of the earliest ancestors did make the amazing colorful Easter eggs as a valuable gift and in the mean time they were exchanging it as an ancient rite of the spring season. Some of the old people they regarded the eggs as proof of life and as proof of the renewal of life too. So they used the eggs in their dedicated festivals to celebrate the Easter.

Long time ago; the German immigrants brought the rabbits to the United States of America as a new tradition and symbol of the goddess Easter to deliver the colorful Easter eggs to children; while Easter was not widely celebrated in America on that time.

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Tradition of colorful Easter eggs

Few years later the tradition of colorful Easter eggs and bunnies quickly became an iconic part of our new social culture you can’t miss it like: Halloween pumpkins, Christmas trees and Ramadan lanterns.

If you are looking for suitable time and new ways for your kids to enjoy with; Easter time is the suitable time for doing that and dying, decorating and coloring the Easter eggs are the amazing crafting for colorful Easter eggs.

Here I can tell you about an easy and fast way to dye your Easter eggs which is Dying and mixing the Easter Eggs with shaving cream and some natural color. There are some advantages of dying with this way which are:

Your kids can get right in there and have a lot of fun in the shaving cream.

Using the shaving cream will actually help you out to clean up the mess you may make fast.

The fun tie dye colors on the Easter eggs and make amazing colorful Easter eggs, the shaving cream is so cheap.

You can buy the shaving cream for one dollar only or may be a little bit more.

Most people can find and also pick up the shaving cream in most of stores.

There is an important tip for you; you have to take it in your consideration:

You have to make sure that you are using the shaving cream and not shaving gel. Because the gel will not work very well as the shaving cream.

In some parts of the world, a lot of people were been inspired with the Easter eggs especially all the people whom working in the handcrafts.

Some people love to hollow the colorful Easter eggs out, and then decorate it with nice lace or fabric and after that they can hung it with ribbons in small trees.

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How to make a natural dye:

Coloring for Easter is not that nearly as difficult as many people are believe. In fact, there are so many ways that you can color using things that you may already have on hand.

You can find some people draws lines on the  hollowed out Easter eggs by a wax pencils, then dip this Easter eggs in the color they like, and then repeat this process many times to make a truly amazing works of art.

Brown color – quantity: 1 quart strong brewed coffee plus water to cover the eggs.

Brown/gold color – quantity: 2 Tablespoons of dill seed.

Brick red color – quantity: 3 tablespoons or more of paprika.

Blue gray color – quantity: half or more of the liquid of purple grape juice.

Deep pink color – quantity: half strength or more of the vinegar water and beet juice.

Deep purple color – quantity: full strength of red wine or diluted with water only.

Green color – quantity: up to 4 cups of spinach or grass.

Jade green color – quantity: 6 red onion skins.

Lavender color – quantity: Up to 4 cups of blueberries.

Light pink color – quantity: full strength of cranberry juice.

Lavender color – quantity: 1 bag of red zinger tea.

Light pink color – quantity: 4 ounces of amaranth flowers.

a Light yellow color – quantity: 6 orange peels.

the Light pink color – quantity: 6 avocado skins.

Pink to purple color – quantity: 4 cups of mashed raspberries or blackberries.

Robin’s egg blue color – quantity: 4 or more cups, chopped (boil and then soak overnight) of red cabbage.

Rich yellow color – quantity: 4 ounces of chopped carrot tops.

Sienna color – quantity: up to 4 packed cups of yellow onion skins.

Yellow green color – quantity: 3 tablespoons or more of turmeric.

Finally ;Important tip:

You have to wash the Easter eggs in soapy water before you use it. If you clean it good the dye will stick on it better.

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