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Ramadan Lantern Decoration Ideas

Ramadan lantern decoration ideas

are the most beautiful captivating of the Ramadan traditions in all over the world; and it’s one of the staple of the many traditions that characterizes the Holy month of Ramadan like Ramadan cannon too.

Yes, Ramadan lantern decoration (or Fanons Ramadan) is also an essential part of Ramadan’s magical atmosphere in the entire Middle East region; and most famous in Egypt.

You will find in every culture and every religion its own traditions, like coloring the eggs for Easter; wearing a scary costumes in Halloween; releasing a nice glowing sky lantern during the Chinese lantern festival; hanging the colored ornaments and lights on a Christmas tree during the Christmas time or even making the Ramadan lantern decoration before Ramadan time for all people.

For Muslims in the Middle East; there is a special tradition that involves all of them beautiful lanterns that are set a special aglow with some candles or even oils; which creating amazing patterns of light and colors through the night.

So, if you are from that kind of people who love traveling and you want to travel to the Middle East you can try traveling there during Ramadan time. You will enjoy by the atmosphere of the Ramadan month and you will find it very different than any other country in the whole world. You will find there these amazing lanterns hanging in front of homes, restaurants, in bazaars, stores and hotels. They are also easily available for purchase by anyone even all tourists inside of shops.

Prices depend on the size of the lantern (famous) and its material in question. “The bigger the lanterns, the more expensive they are. I think we will be back to the base which is bigger is better … lol. Take a look at some of these Ramadan lantern decoration ideas.

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Best Ramadan lanterns.

A lantern store and factory owner is famous for its manufacturing and selling of fawanees; one of these owners said that: the demand is so high for Ramadan lanterns among his customers especially before the beginning of Ramadan ;and even during Ramadan until the end of Ramadan the holy month.

In Egypt; you may find some customers who love buying all types of traditional lanterns (fawanees); including the wooden Damietti lanterns which made in some small villages in the governorate of Damietta in all different sizes. Some customers love to buy lanterns with some pictures of famous mosques on them, some other customers love to buy lanterns with Quranic verses written or inscribed on them, and you can find some kind of customer who like Ramadan lantern that play most famous of Ramadan songs. And you also can find new customers looking for traditional lamps and modern designs and not just the old traditional lanterns.

The Egyptians make the Damietti lanterns out of arquette wood (kind of thin wood) and after that they use any kind of laser light strings to light them up. And for sure they make all sizes of lanterns; the small fawanees (lanterns) that use batteries, the big ones use regular light.

When the holly month of Ramadan arrives; it arrives with it the magic of Ramadan spirit. This magic of Ramadan spirit is embodying by the beautifully lit lanterns that fill up most of all homes and streets of all Middle East.

Families are usually bought lanterns as presents or even for themselves to put them in their living rooms or balconies or in the entrance of their buildings. Each fanoos has its own place and its own use too. This is why most small lanterns are bought by children, and the large lanterns are brought for house ornamentation.

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It’s Ramadan lantern decoration ideas time.

All kids with just a little exception prefer their fanons to have some bright colors with nice Ramadan songs; and to have nice colored lights in it.

You can find new form of lanterns (it’s a little bit different than a toy, with colorful pictures on lantern or a traditional glass and metal lantern) which is the khayama lanterns; they are new in shape but have the appearance of traditional lanterns (fawanees).

The Holy month of Ramadan is the family month; specially for the children who are usually associated with going out at its beautiful nights into the streets with their lovely and brightly colored lanterns.

That time of the year (Ramadan the holy month); you will find the lanterns of various kinds with its magical lamps ;with many of hues and degrees of the lovely brightness; have a special atmosphere to this place you are visiting using these fantastic lanterns to illuminate that place.

After that they ask their parents for permission to leave the house to stroll around their neighborhood. To join the other children, some of these kids already knew each others from before; and some others that may met on one of those lovely Ramadan nights; and they sing Ramadan or chanting one of famous Ramadan songs which is “Ramadan is upon us, welcome Ramadan” and “Wahawee ya Wahawee”.

With the merging of the kids and the lanterns together; you will find all Ramadan nights were filled with pleasure and excitement.

The true beauty of Ramadan not only shines in the morning time after the morning prayers; But it also shines at night; after the evening prayers with the beauty of lanterns, good close friends company, sing Ramadan songs; walk behind the mesaharaty and then return at home, few moments before dawn prayers.

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