Things You Should Do It Before Ramadan

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Things You Should Do It Before Ramadan

must be the same things you should do it in the month of Ramadan and every month of the year except fasting of the fully Ramadan month.

You can feel free to fast anytime you want in the year except these days it’s prohibited to fast them: last day in Shaaban month, Eid elfeter and Eid el adha. why especially these days were prohibited to enjoy the beginning of these great days.

Things You Should Do It Before Ramadan , Things You Should Do It , Ramadan , Visit a doctor

Visit a doctor before you start fasting

Fasting during Ramadan is compulsory for all for adult Muslims, except those who are sick, elderly, pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic and for the long distance travelers.

Don’t forget that there is a lot of health benefits of Ramadan fasting part 1 & 2; and this is what people love most about Ramadan. But some of them can fast under advisory of their doctors if they want to and the doctor say they can fast (Managing your medication during Ramadan) ; if the doctor say they can’t fast then they have to pay Iftar sayem (Iftar & Sehor) for the poor people for each day in Ramadan they couldn’t fast it.

If you have any health conditions or persistent illnesses, Diseases such as Coronavirus (COVID-19), see your GP to find out if fasting is advisable for you or not , this is an important step before fasting for all sick people.

Things You Should Do It Before Ramadan , Things You Should Do It , Ramadan , quite smoking

Gradually quitting some bad habits such as smoking

Fasting during Ramadan applies not only to food and drink but also to some bad habits such as smoking. Smoking is an addiction for a lot of people so it can be really hard to give up; and quit smoking suddenly.

One way to offset the stress of trying to stop smoking during Ramadan; is to cut down or give up beforehand, to ease yourself into the month of fasting more gradually. We would like to help you out to focus on spiritual matters during Ramadan more than focusing on anything else such as bad habits.

Things You Should Do It Before Ramadan , Things You Should Do It , Ramadan , FastingDo some voluntary fasting beforehand

If you want to start some days as a practice; before you enter fasting the fully month of Ramadan, we can help you out with that.

As a Sunnah, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) was fasting regularly on Mondays and Thursdays (hadis), explaining: “Those are two days in which the deeds are presented to the Lord of the Worlds. I love that my deeds are presented to God while I am fasting; ” So you can do that as a start. It might be a good idea to try this twice-weekly fasting, especially ahead of Ramadan.

And if you are doing ok and you need more practice days you can add the 13th, 14th; and 15th days of every month (these days are  Al-Ayaam Al-Beedh; the White Days) so this could be another routine to try getting into fasting. It’s a Sunnah too.

The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) fasted voluntarily in Shaban more than in any other month, saying: “That is a month occurring between Rajab; and Ramadan that many people neglect. It is a month in which the deeds ascend to the Lord of the Worlds, be He Mighty and Majesty, and I love for my deeds to ascend while I am fasting.” Al Bukhari.

Things You Should Do It Before Ramadan , Things You Should Do It , Ramadan , food and eat better , food , eat better

Reduce your food and eat better

It’s an another way to prepare is to cut down on any excesses beforehand. So you can avoid snacks between meals and try to cut out fast food. By sticking to Ramadan Sunnah foods at regular times, you’ll more easily adapt to the two daily meals (suhoor and iftar) that are allowed during Ramadan.

Things You Should Do It Before Ramadan , Things You Should Do It , Ramadan , charity

Prepare yourself to make more charity

Muslims are encouraged to increase their acts of giving and kindness (charity) in Ramadan and prior to Ramadan as well. You need to safe some money to give it away to the poor; so that they too can celebrate with Ramadan; and the end of the fast with the feast of Eid el Fitr.

Things You Should Do It Before Ramadan , Things You Should Do It , Ramadan , sleep patterns

Change your sleep patterns

If you’re not a devout worshipper, the changes to routine during Ramadan can be hard to stick to; especially if you are a late riser because of work patterns. So you could try to adjust the times when you go to bed; and get up before Ramadan begins, if your work hours can accommodate that.


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