Mistakes Parents Make With Newborns

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Mistakes parents make with newborns

mistakes parents make with newborns are a lot; it starts from the arrival moment of your baby. From that moment and then your entire life will change for sure and most likely you’ll change along with it. It’s a new peak point for both parents; and for sure you won’t do everything right. May be because you don’t have that much experience; or may be from the joy of the surprise itself.

That’s mean there are new rules may break the old ones. This means new mistakes parents make with newborns may be made.

Raising a baby is not an easy thing; it can be tough a little, there’s no doubt about it. While there are tons and tons of advices available from family and friends or even online on how to educate you. All of these advices on how to raise your little kid.

You have to put in your mind that there isn’t exactly a straight way or short-cut or even a manual for raising a baby. This is primarily because each baby is different and each parent is different and even where you will rise up your kid will be different too.

All parents make mistakes; this is the truth. Because there is no one infallible from mistakes especially the new parents.

When you are bringing home the newborn is a big adjustment for any family; even if it’s the second child or third child not the first child. Expect the first weeks will be very stressful, both of you have to be ready for that; until you all get to know each other and then begin to fall into your baby routine eventually.

Anyway, you are going to make mistakes as any regular parent, no matter how little or how much you know; you will do it.

Common mistakes parents make with newborns that you can avoid:

The best thing to do to prepare yourself for your new baby; is to acknowledge all of your mistakes and other parents’ mistakes too and learn from them.

1 – Punish newborns

As a general rule, if you are attempting to discipline your baby, you have to put that in your mind your baby simply doesn’t understand anything at all because he / she still young enough. you should not use that negative reinforcement at all even when your baby grow up a little and already understand what the word “no” means.

2 – Scheduling baby’s feedings

It’s very early to do that at the first time because all newborns don’t have a very good sense of time at all. All they really know is that they’re hungry so feeding on demand is the best way to go.

3 – Keeping newborns indoors

At the first weeks it’s very useful for your baby to avoid going out especially if it’s too hot or even too cold or going to any crowded places. He / she can catch or infected with any diseases easily. But when the weather is so good try to go out with him/ her to catch some fresh air and useful sun light.

4 – Oral care

Any newborn need special care even in his/her mouth you have to clean it well after the breastfeeding or feeding. So try to clean your baby’s gums gently with a moist piece of cloth regularly.

5 – Ignoring the baby

Never ever ignore your newborn or your baby at all, he/she can be in trouble and need your urgent help or need to feel secure with you. Ignoring could result in anxiety and insecurity.

6 – Shaking the newborns

In fact shaking the baby is a very, very bad idea; because shaking violently can damage newborn brain. However, the sad truth is that it still happens.

7 – Waiting too long to change the diaper

There are too reasons a parent might not change the diaper when it is needed, the first one is midnight time because most parents are sleeping. Second reason is diapers after can be expensive and the costs can add up for some families. But you have to know that if you wait too long; it can lead to painful diaper rashes and even urinary tract infections. Then you have to go to a doctor to relive these rashes and pay more money.

8 – Forgetting to burp

It always happened in the middle of the night, you can easy to forget that you still need to burp your little kid. Because your baby may sucks in more air than you might think. So try burping your baby after feeding or when you switch between breasts.

9 – Smoke around newborns

Smoking is very bad habit and not healthy thing for every one; make sure that you think long and hard about its consequences on your newborn. Because it’s your own personal decision but not your kid decision; to smoke with you by inhaling secondhand smoke or even third hand smoke from your clothes. So it makes your baby prone to certain illnesses or leads him to die.

10 – Letting other people kiss your baby

I know that no body can stop it at all, because all babies are adorable, however, kissing is a really, really bad idea. But at least try to reduce it.

11 – Waiting out a fever

Fever is very bad thing to every body on earth, and for sure for all kids too. So the best thing is to bring them a doctor straight away; if they develop a fever of any sort even if it’s just a cold or corona.

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