Can I Be In Your Shoes

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Can i be in your shoes ?

I am a young girl can i be a model one day ?

What can i do to achieve that dream?

Can i be one of the famous models around the world ?

All of these questions asked by most girls around the world … the answer is YES

I can be whatever i wanna be … by working hard first then learn and  you have to work out to be in a good shape then learn how to reach your dream … it’s easy not that hard .

I am an overweight girl what i can do to be in a good shape ….

Can i be in your shoes

First stop eating the junk food & eat fresh food with vegetables ; stop drinking soda … drink water this is the first step then let’s walk …. walk oh yeah .. by walking you are moving all of your body this is the pre step before working out just making your body moving .

So after how many days i can be a model ?? …. you can’t deal with it like that  you have to work to reach your goals because easy come easy go .

What is the easiest way to be a model ??? there is no easy way to be a model there is always hard way … I am not playing that game i am quitting … it’s up to you .. you wanna be overweight girl as you are you can’t move or play with your friends or even parting out with them it’s up to you , it’s not up to me it’s my nature …. nope you can do whatever you wanna do just start be stubborn put a target in front of your eyes  .

Taking care of your skin it’s very important thing too and for sure Victoria Secret’s the best in body lotion and scene. Your hair is a very important element too…. It’s always a question and need an answer Can i be in your shoes?


Heidi Mount

Joan Smalls

What does a model do?

Well, a model uses their physical appearance to help a company advertise a product or to help an artist create or display a work of art. The model might work with a photographer to create fashion pictures or walk down a runway to introduce a fashion designer’s latest clothing line. Artists often hire models to pose for them while they draw, paint or sculpt. Companies hire models for advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Basic Model Requirements in general

Always a model’s height, age and measurements (bust, waist and hips) are always taken into account; no matter what niche of modeling you are in. To become a fashion model, you must be over 16. Those that is younger than 16 are classed as teen or child models.

There are some other modeling requirements including an attractive or interesting face; and a certain “something” that makes you stand out. This could be a feature (such as red hair, freckles or big eyebrows), or it could be something about you that makes you different.

As we take a look at the model requirements and statistics for each modeling division, please bear in mind that there are always exceptions to the rule. It’s important that models continue to try and break through the strict rules and encourage brands to branch out with their choices.

Personal requirements for a Model

Enjoy artistic and creative activities.

Dedicated and patient.

Minimum height in certain types of modeling.

Well-proportioned facial features, clear skin and healthy hair.

Neat personal appearance.

An outgoing personality.

Good communication skills are essential in promotional work.

When you are going to make shopping just be in groups & select what your friends says it’s suitable for you . not always the expensive clothes are the best for everyone. It may suitable for me but not the same for you.

Finally …let’s see some of them and say can i be in your shoes ??

Karlie Kloss 2

Karlie Kloss 3

Karlie Kloss

Kate Upton


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