D-Models & Mannequin

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D-Models & Mannequin

To be a model it’s a dream for anyone not just me or you … to have a good perfect body sometimes it’s not your choice. You may born healthy so you can do whatever you want or you born paralyzed; but you still have the same dream to be a model but under another vision or point of view.

keep moving don’t stop set your mind free to create and to be you. liligabbiano one of the famous sites started working on paralyzed people; & mannequins because they have the right to help them out and talk about them.

Because nobody is perfect you have to come closer …. Open your mind, your heart then let it go. It always works like that with human being.


it’s an abbreviation of disabled models. The meaning of Disability is the consequence of an impairment that may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental; or some combination of these. A disability may be present from birth, or occur during a person’s lifetime because it’s not your choice you have to fight it.

If you are paralyzed it doesn’t mean that you are dead or out of life you can be a D-Models & Mannequin. You have a life to live, so live it as you can reach it. Think – study – be a hero by your way , may be your way in sport or poetry or writing or it may be in technology so it’s time to be there , be yourself , be reachable , helpful don’t think negative at all.

You don’t have to wait for tomorrow, just start from today from now; from this moment, try to be new person with a great power the ability power of yourself . Don’t be hesitated . it’s time to open your eyes for tomorrow as tomorrow is never die.

Finally, You will find a lot of people need to help you and for sure you will help them back.







is often left out of the diversity debate; we often receive briefs looking for ‘diversity’, but with no mention of disability, alternative appearances, and we want to change this. So, we want it to be the norm that real diverse media becomes commonplace.

Even in the 21st century, there is still a lot of prejudice surrounding people with disabilities. In the fashion sector, for example, people with disabilities don’t seem to be considered very glamorous and, in fact, there are few brands that design fashion for the physically disabled and those that do exist aren’t particularly attractive.

Raising awareness of those with disabilities, specifically in the realm of fashion, is a conversation that’s already begun with groups such as Models of Diversity, which aims to bring models of all shapes, sizes and colors to the fashion runways and media.

I’m thrilled to see changes happening, not only with the size aspect of women’s bodies, but for people with disabilities. Often people who are not reflected in the advertisement or the mannequin sizes cannot see themselves in that store’s clothes, but with changes like these, now they can. These changes could help all of Disabled people feel better about the size, the body shape, and the disabilities too.

So how about we start focusing on these sort of campaigns rather than linking to posts about skinny celebrities? It’s time to start embracing the normal, and the normal is to see all people with; and without disabilities all together. Let’s start supporting each D-Models in this new path in the eye of the media. Let’s start embracing diversity and the differences of our bodies. Most of all, let’s start loving ourselves.

It’s still an uphill battle to make the mannequins in a lot of store windows reflect the shoppers passing by. But “Because Who Is Perfect? Get Closer” and the famous stores who participate in that prove that it can definitely be done.






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