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It’s Time To Be Parents

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Yes it’s time to be a mother, after 9 months of pregnancy and all the pain you faced in your pregnancy,  You’ve made it through the excitement of your  delivery, and now you’re ready to go home and begin your new life with your baby. I can say there is a new lover came to your life suddenly and this is the only lover you can’t turn your back off or even forget.

It’s time to be parents

                                                                                                      Once home, a new love story will begin though, you frantically realize you have no idea what you’re doing, these tips can help even the most nervous first time parents feel confident about caring for a newborn in no time.

Getting Help after the Birth

Ask for help While you are in the hospital, talk to the experts around you. Many hospitals have feeding specialists or lactation consultants who can help you get started nursing or bottle-feeding. In addition, nurses are a great resource to show you how to hold, burp, change, and care for your baby.

Handling a Newborn

Most women spent a lot of time around newborns; here are a few basics to remember:

Washing your hands it’s very important thing before handling your baby. Newborns don’t have a strong immune system yet, so they are susceptible to infection. Make sure that everyone who handles your baby has clean hands.

Be careful to support your baby’s head and neck and back. Cradle the head when carrying your baby and support the head when carrying the baby up right or when you lay your baby down.

Limit any activity that could be too rough or bouncy.

Be careful not to shake your newborn, whether in play or in frustration. Shaking that is vigorous can cause bleeding in the brain and even death. If you need to wake your infant, don’t do it by shaking — instead, tickle your baby’s feet or blow gently on a cheek.

Make sure your baby is securely fastened into the car seat. Yes it’s time to be parents, be ready for that time then.

Remember that your newborn is not ready for rough play, such as being jiggled on the knee or thrown in the air.


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