Halloween History And Origin

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Halloween History And Origin

Halloween  has so many versions of the origins and old customs of Halloween. Some of them are remaining consistent by all accounts; although there are different cultures or different view of Halloween somewhat seems differently; but the traditional Halloween practices still remain the same.

This culture founded in Ireland, Great Britain and Northern Europe by the Druids, In particular it’s a Celtic culture. The roots were all way back annually on October 31st to honor the dead in the feast of Samhain.

Samhain was the sign of summers end and the beginning of new Celtic year time which was a great harvest festival with a lot of sacred bonfires. Most of the practices in Samhain feast involved in this celebration were fed on superstitions.

The Celts people believed that all souls of the dead roamed came to the streets and villages at night with the early hours of winter darkness. And on that night; the barriers between our world and the spirit world were at their weakest time; therefore they saw the spirit  barely on earth.

They thought that all spirits are not friendly, people give away gifts and treats were left out to pacify the evil spirits and ensure that next years crops will be plentiful. This custom evolved into tricks or treats.

The Roman Catholic Church made its first church holiday to honor all the saints on 1st November; it was a joyous holiday plus it was also the eve of soul’s day; in that day and in medieval times they started to pray for the dead.

Hallow word is an archaic English word for the saint, so from here they started to call all saints day as all hallows day.

Halloween Customs

The festival began on the last night of October which is the Hallows eve.

In fact lighting the witches was an important thing in Halloween custom. People were carrying lighted candles from 11 Pm to midnight. If these candles burned steadily the carriers and crops season were safe; but if the witches blew candles out, the omen was bad and the carriers and crops season won’t be safe.

The Celts built bonfires to frighten the evil spirits away, then feasted and danced around this fire. As they believed that the fires brought comfort to the souls from purgatory; and people prayed for them; as they also held burning straw up in the air.

In England, they sometimes call custom Halloween as snap apple night. It’s a famous game was played there; where they suspended apples on a long piece of string; and there are a lighted candle at the opposite ends of the stick. Also, it suspended horizontally. You have to swing the stick round. So all contestants had to try and bite the apple handlessly (without using their hands at all). The main objective was to catch an apple between your teeth whilst avoiding the lighted candle.

Souling it’s another Halloween customs and it was a Christian festival. They thought that some people may make house calls to beg for soul cakes. Surprisingly it was believed that all people including strangers could help a soul’s journey to the heaven by saying prayers, they exchange the cake which they promised to give a way with a pray for the dead relatives. Nowadays, Halloween is not considered as religious holiday.

Halloween costumes for kids

The Celts children used to wear Halloween costumes. The idea came from what the Celts dressed up while they lit bonfires during ceremonies celebrating Samhain. Putting on animal heads and covering their body with full animal skin costumes and carry lantern.

From here the Halloween costume made its way to USA and took on another form.it’s Halloween History and Origin.

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