Walking In High Heels

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Walking in high heels

The art of walking in high heels is like learning any new skill in new job, you don’t know anything about that skill before and you need to learn that skill to have this kind of job.

You have to be straightforward enough with yourself before you begin to learn that skills; you want to appear in sexy new look or still the same like you are with your old look.

So you have to pay the bill. Because you will suffer just a little bit until you achieve your goals, simply this is how it goes there is no honey without bee bites.

But after that the result will be fabulous and you will love it.  Every body knows Marilyn Monroe the famous actress said something about shoes long time a go before she passed away; she said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” I think she was talking about all shoes in general but especially the heels.

Some people think that the high heels are the perfect addition to just about any outfit plus the high heels makes most women legs look like a supermodel’s. While all of these high heels kinds comes at different prices. It’s for some people it’s just pain and blisters; and for some other people walking in them gracefully is just challenge.

Most women are under the illusion they think that the more money that you may pay for a pair of high-heeled shoes is the more stable and safely.

They may also think that this shoe will be hazard-free. This is not the case; what constitutes a well-made shoe is that it is stable and does not rock when tapped at the back from side to side.

I know that all women can’t stop wearing them. It’s time for you to enjoy this selective collection made especially for you. So enjoy it.

walking in high heels

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walking in high heels 3

walking in high heels 4

walking in high heels 5

walking in high heels 6 walking in high heels 7

walking in high heels 8

walking in high heels 9

It’s walking in high heels tips

First thing you have to do is finding pair of shoes that fits you and make your leg moderately comfortable.

looks like you are taking your first steps in walking but on adult way. That’s means you have to start small especially if you’ve never walked in high heels before, I do recommend 2 inch heel as a good start.

This is very important tip for you to avoid failing down, before you can even think about moving, make sure you are standing correctly:

Walk heel to toe that’s mean put your heel down first then followed by your toe.

Take small steps and don’t be in a hurry because wearing heels normally makes your stride shorter.

Take some Step as if you were walking on a straight line. Try to pretend that you’re walking on a line on the ground, just to correct your walk errors.

Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes with you to switch your shoes, if you got tired.

Try to watch some models with their cat walks and learn how they do it.

Practice in front of a mirror until you get it down like Ballerina with different heels …lol.

Try to spread your legs and make your step wider.

Mastering the walking in high heels depends on one thing Practice … Practice and one more time Practice that’s it.

Time after time you will get used to it and walk freely after that without any help, but you have to practice it right to avoid the back hurts.this is an important tips you have to put it in your consideration. if your back start hurting you have to stop wearing the high heels for a while; until your back relive.

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walking in high heels

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