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Capital: None.

Official language: Latin, Italian.

Dialing code: +379.

Currency: Euro.


City or Vatican state or the Holly see is the smallest tiny sovereign state in the world; it’s less than a half square kilometer. It located in the middle of Rome- Italy. It is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church; and the capital of the Catholic world and the homeland of the pope. The Vatican and the Nauru are the only two independent countries in the world without capitals.

Vatican library one of the richest in the world by its valuable contents which includes medieval hand-written books, old books, ancient scrolls; and papyri. Manuscripts that have been collected since the library’s founded in 1450.

Museo Pio Clementino the Vatican Museums have the largest collection of ancient sculpture complex in the world; these galleries contain such a great wealth of magnificent; and significant pieces that even a list of the highlights for a long time.

Saint Peter’s Basilica (San Petro) is the current church of the pope; and one of the largest and most important Catholic churches in the world; with its famous frescoes made by Michel Angelo and Botticelli.

Piazza San Petro (St. Peter’s Square) is the Vatican gate for the visitor to the Vatican city; it’s one of the famous and important squares in Rome; surmounted by a balustrade with 140 statues of saints; and an Egyptian obelisk in the middle of the square. It’s mixed trove of fine art and architecture.

The famous Sistine Chapel was built in 8 years. Michel Angelo painted its famous ceiling and altar frescoes; with the central scenes on the ceiling depicting creation; and the story of Noah. This task took him more than 4 years of painting. Painting frescoes was a new experience for him; and he applied all his knowledge of sculpting to his painting, making figures appear more life like and creating a new style of painting.

Vatican Museum & Chapel

The Vatican Museum located in Rome; it is one of most Rome’s notable museums not only for its great Papal history and significance, but also due to the breadth of its incredible art within its walls. Some people estimated it’s worth value with 15 billion euro. If you will go and visit it so you’re promised to see exquisite content. With more than 9 miles of art and sculptures on display, not to mention tapestry and other artifacts, explore the ages from ancient Egypt to the 20th century.

You can try to search for the Raphael rooms; you can easily find it in the Papal entrance. For sure you will be fully admiring its walls adorned with paintings from the Renaissance masters like Raphael and Michelangelo. I bet you can’t miss the portraits of the Popes which hang to celebrate the leaders past, and see the Corridor of Statues too. The Sistine Chapel; you can’t miss this stunning chapel. And you can say it’s the most famous element of the Vatican Museums. This Chapel was constructed in the late 15th century, it was and still famous for its frescoes and elaborate decoration by some of the greatest artists ” Michelangelo”, who painted “The Last Judgment” on the ceiling during the 16th century. It’s one of the great things you can’t leave Rome without seeing it at all. San Giovanni, Saint John was the first church of the popes.

There are some tips and rules to follow when entering a church:

  1.  You have to be quiet and respectful.
  2.  Men should remove hats.
  3.  Some churches won’t let you in wearing shorts or sleeveless tops.
  4.  Most churches allow photos inside with some restrictions.

Finally; don’t forget to tell your friends about it to visit it soon.

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