The UAE And Expo 2020

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Capital: Abu Dhabi.

Official language: Arabic, English.

Dialing code: +971.

Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham.

 The UAE and EXPO 2020

or United Arab Emirates country is a federation of seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah ; and Umm al-Quwain ). This federation was formally established on 2 December 1971 after its independence from UK. The uae has a desert hot climate especially at summer time.  Dubai is the famous emirate of the UAE; and one of the most secured and fastest growing countries around the world . UAE is a real example of how dreams of modernity and advancement can translate into reality.

It now insists to have security system camera on every street to keep the city safe from criminals. Dubai will host the next World Expo 2020; it expected to be one of the greatest international trade economics shows on earth; and bringing more than 180 nations and an international audience in millions. Dubai free zones (its tax free zones) are one of the famous international free trade zones around the world.

Abu Dhabi is one of the most modern cities in the world; and it’s largest of the seven Emirates and the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates. In Abu Dhabi where you can find and enjoy the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is the third largest mosque in the world, Ferrari park inside Yas Island the only largest Ferrari branded indoor theme park in the world; Aldar Headquarters or the world’s first circular skyscraper, Capital Gate the World’s furthest leaning man made tower ,Yas water world full with all kinds of water activities ,formula one race  track or  F1 race track for race fans and lovers; Marina Square it’s a great sample for smart home network and smart home security monitoring systems.

the UAE

In The United Arab Emirates you can find very strict laws regulating social behavior, including social media too. In there you can’t take photographs of people without their consent because it’s illegal. You can also violate the law by posting photos on social media with people in the background. Plus it is also illegal to make offensive comments about other people; the UAE or its government or royal family, including on social media so stay away and be safe.

The corruption in the United Arab Emirates is a low risk for companies; and considered the least corrupt country in the Arab world. Plus the UAE offers a neat business-friendly environment, with an effective public administration.

Dubai is the first populous city and emirate in the UAE; and the second largest emirate by size after Abu Dhabi which is the capital. Where you can find and enjoy Burj Khalifa (Burj Dubai) the mega tall skyscraper; and the tallest structure in the world and for sure we can’t miss Burj El Arab; one of the most expensive hotel around the world where you enjoy renting some of top 5 luxury car brands in the world  under your command, aquarium and under water zoo inside Dubai mall considered the largest aquarium in the world, ski Dubai for skating lovers inside mall of the Emirates one of the largest shopping malls in the world and don’t miss Dubai seaplane tours.

Safari one of the amazing thing to do there by 4 x 4 wheels cars or by camels and horses before the sunset then enjoying the camping and great food.

Yowalah is the traditional dancing style in the UAE. It is a very unique dance where young females keep their hair open; and dance by swinging their long black hair in the air; and swaying their bodies in the same time whereas males place sticks or swords or rifles in their hands while they are dancing.

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the uae and expo 2020

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