The Thai Paradise Menu

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Capital: Bangkok.

Official language: Thai, English.

Dialing code: +66.

Currency: Thai baht.


kingdom has existed since the 14th century; and Thailand was known as Siam islands until 1939 when it officially became the Kingdom of Thailand.

Thai is Asia’s primary fascinating travel destination and offers a great lovely host of places to visit. Thailand has hundreds of islands with tropical climate; some of them have rough geographical areas.

Thailand has three main sets of islands; each of these groups has one or more particularly well known islands that attract a lot of tourists and travelers. Thailand is a great place will truly take you to a holiday place like a heaven where you’ve never been before. Thailand has too many unique stop destinations to visit and that could take you years to see and enjoy them all. It’s suitable for all kinds of fans where they can find their lost; this is why I can consider it paradise or thai paradise menu.

Bangkok some people call it (the city of angels) and another people call it (Venice of the east); and for me it’s a great mix between both of them.

Chiang Mai is a number one important interesting tourist destination in Thailand. Known as the capital of ancient kingdom of Lanna, where you can go on safaris to find out the natural beauty; traditional five significant Chiang Mai temples, and hotels built on neat modern architecture.

Floating bungalows is a new great experience. There is nothing like taking a trip where you can eat or spend the night on a fresh water lake; in floating bungalows on one of the Thai style. It’s a great fun too to see and do some shopping and eat from the floating markets while watching local vendors and observing the local trade actions.

Sri Lanna national park one place where you can enjoy paddling, segwaying , walking, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and the rest of all kinds of water sports.

Thai time

it’s the best place for good relaxation and have a great time away from work .where you can enjoy the lovely clear water with all trees surround you with best service ever with nice friendly people. In Thailand you can find vast influx of visitors and it’s a great country tried hardily and adroitly avoided the colonization. And Thailand tried to absorb the Western influences while maintaining its rich heritage without loosing it.

Though it’s high-rises with bumpy land and has great long beaches; but it still occupies the famous foreground of the tourist picture in this area. While you can find the typical Thai community is still working to farm the village; and rubber plantations too.  Beside all that you may find some others of this great community still working in fishing; tourism and trading too. And all you need is watching that lovely traditional scene of this community.

And still around forty percent of its people are earning their living from the land only   (the famous Thai rice), which forms the foundation of the country’s famously kitchen meal.

If you like the wildlife you can visit Mae Taman where you can ride Thai elephants.

Thailand became one of the world’s top spots for spa treatments, massage on Thai traditional way and you can find there fish spa pedicure too.

if you are ready for this tripe pick up the phone and tell your friends about it, collect them and try to enjoy your time  with this wonderful vacation. I bet you will never forget it’s memories. Don’t forget your camera to record all of these memories to tell the rest of your friends about your journey.

the thai paradise menu

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the thai paradise menu

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