Venezuela And Waterfalls

Angel Falls waterfalls,the world's tallest,near Canaima, in Venezuela,the World's highest waterfall at Canaima National Park in Venezuela

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Venezuela And Waterfalls

Capital: Caracas.

Official language: Spanish.

Dialing code: +58.

Currency: Venezuelan bolivar.


The Republic of Venezuela is the sixth largest country in South America.

The Unique Venezuela lies at the northern extreme of South America, bordered by Colombia, Brazil, Guyana, and the Caribbean Sea. In all, the country is just over 900,000 square kilometers and divided into 23 beautiful states.

Venezuela has a great subtropical climate. There you can’t find four seasons; you just can find 2 seasons only the Wet Season and the Dry Season. The Wet Season lasts from May to November, the Dry from December to April and you can enjoy the sunshine there over 300 days a year.

Venezuela’s capital; Caracas is the political and financial capital. It has an excellent subway system, It has 3 main lines that cross the city; and a bus service that complements it. So you can reach where ever you wanna go. It is the home of Angel Falls (the world’s highest waterfall) and the Orinoco (second longest river in South America)… It also has the longest coastline on the Caribbean Sea.

We can consider Venezuela one of the Caribbean islands more than south American one because Parts of its shoreline are melted together with Caribbean islands so you can’t easily know there difference between there borders by your first look.

Isla de Margarita ( Margarita island ) is one of the best beach destinations in Venezuela and major tourist destinations for sun seekers. The island’s main attractions are the beautiful soft sand beaches; Windsurfing is world renowned as well as great opportunities to dive and snorkel there.

Pico Bolivar (Mirror Peak) is one of the most quite places in the world where you can find a peaceful setting surrounded by nature’s beauty of the high Andes.

The Republic of Venezuela listed one of the famous miss world titleholders; you can

find a lot of most lovely beautiful girls in there.

Finally, there is a tip for you; don’t miss going there at least twice lol.

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