Why Travel To Cuba Now

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Capital: Havana.

Official language: Spanish.

Dialing code: +53.

Currency in Cuba: Peso.



is the largest island of the west Indies group inside the Caribbean sea, it located between the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, Havana is the capital and largest city, is well known for its beautiful architecture and vibrant nightlife.It has lovely crystal clear waters with silky white sand beaches will never disappoint you at all.

Only in Cuba you can learn how to roll that perfect cigar, diving off the coast, or feeling like you’re in an open air antique car museum (thousands of American cars from the 1940’s and 1950’s). The nightlife has made it a very attractive travel destination.UNESCO announced that old Havana is a world heritage with its great seat of the presidential palace and over than 900 historical and cultural landmarks.You can consider it endlessly fascinating place.In there you can find the highest literacy rates in the world which is 99.8% and also find Cuban trogon or the tocororo which is a species of bird and it’s the national animal there.

The thousands American old cars from the 1940’s and 1950’s are the main transportation method for the island. It attracts a lot of car lovers.

It’s the homeland of salsa, rumba, mambo, mural painting, Havana Rum; and Cohiba cigars and the most famous revolution leaders in the world Che Guevara and   Fidel Castro.Although Fidel Castro is very famous there; you can’t find any streets, buildings or even an institutions under his name. Because he chosen not to create cult of his personality at all.not like other countries.

When you see the salsa moves it seems to come as natural as regular Cubans walking.

Cuba has a warm tropical climate; the best time to visit is from December to May.


The most crowded tourist season in Cuba runs roughly from mid-December to mid-march, and all of July and August. Prices go to the highest.

When you’re ready to spent great time under palm trees so it’s time to visit it.

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