India Tourist Information

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India Tourist Information

Capital city: New Delhi.

Official language: Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Bengali, Kashmiri, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, English, 17 major languages and over 750 dialects.

Dialing code: +91.

Currency: INR.

India one of the oldest living civilizations in the world like Egypt & china, it is the seventh largest country in the world. India’s population is over one billion (one thousand million) making it the second most populous country in the world; after China which is number one. 

Bollywood films (Indian Movies) is the second movie industry around the world; after Hollywood (American Movies). It’s the home land of Mahatma Gandhi the preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement; and he’s one of the most famous layers around the world.

Due to India’s topography, there’s a lot of variation in its climate. One of the best times to visit India is from September to March when temperatures are at their coolest during winter time.

Because there are a lot of kinds of religious rituals in India there are a lot of interesting festivals for each single religion; it’s one of India Tourist Information, Holi festival of colors is one of them and it’s full of all kinds of colors. They celebrated it every year on full moon days of March.

Spices and herbs are number one in use in all Indian cooking; it’s like water and air for all Indian houses. I can consider it as spices; and herbs home mother land of the planet because seventy percent of the world spices come from India only.

There are a lot of things you have to buy from India like colored fantastic handmade jewelry; natural perfumes with great strong smell, Indian tea (one of the finest tea flavors around the world), spices and herbs, Indian textile like Linen (Indian cotton colored sheets), Wraps, Scarves and Shawls (India has a huge variety of materials to wrap yourself in like silk, linen etc..)

For sure don’t miss visiting Taj Mahal , Indian temples and Indian zoo are best India Tourist Information.

Only in India

India is a land where you can find there so many paradoxes. you can find there a lot of people who strive hard to earn their daily food, and the same time there are people who have all the luxuries of lifestyle.

Also you can find there a lot of cultures which are forward thinking and open to all kinds of changes, and then there are some cultures which strongly hold to their roots and no way to change this cultures at all.

There are places which are blessed with lush greenery and amazing forests, and there are places which are rugged and barren without any lights too.

And every each one of those beautiful paradoxes of India is beautiful in its own right. You don’t need to go any where to get looking for the beauty in India; but the beauty come across it while exploring its land.

But for those people who want to have new experience and unique too, you can visit some of the most beautiful destinations of this lovely country.

Yes it is very diverse place it’s probably the most diverse of countries that you will see and find on this earth. In there you can find some coldest places in Kashmir; another place called Cherrapunji that has the highest rainfall in the whole world; and also you can see the Thar desert one of the driest places on the earth. Adding to all of that there are more than half of Indian boundaries is home to lovely beaches. And also you can’t forget that Northern part of India hosts Himalayan ranges snow capped mountains.

Mix all this with different hundreds of Languages and dialects and you can find potent mix of diversity. Iam really amazed with such diverse people & geographies how we operate such a single lovely democratic country.

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