Germany Tourist Guide

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Capital: Berlin.

Official language: German 95%, English.

Dialing code: +49.

Currency: Euro.

Berlin – Germany is the center for nightlife, art galleries, fashion, music and design, architecture, art museums; in there you will find most popular and famous cars companies and manufacturers around the world. And of course the home land of best cars in the world list; and from top 3 luxury car brands too. which include BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche. Actually, these manufacturers’ brands are most famous luxury car makes and the major car companies there.

Adolf Hitler was Chancellor of Germany and one of the famous politician leaders who was the leader of the Nazi party. Germany weather is hot at summer, cold and snowy in winter time, but it may rain during any season of the year so make sure you pack or to buy an umbrella.


                              gate or Brandenburg gate used to be an important entry point to Germany for travelers and one of the most important landmarks and popular tourist attractions in Europe with Berlin Wall which separated Germany to two parts the east Germany and west Germany. And finally that wall was paved down to the ground and was something from the past. Holstentor building was built in 1464 and considered the next tourist attractions.

Rugen cliffs is a pretty fascinating sight to visit. It is located in Jasmund national park; it is a great cliff above the sea.

The Bavarian forest is on of the oldest and unspoiled national park in Germany; 95 per cent of it is covered by forest. It will take your breath away.

Heidelburg the old town bridge and its castle, it located in the valley of Neckar river which considered one of Germany’s  and also, Europe’s most visited famous landmarks.

If you are fan of water sports like sailing, windsurfing, canoe, swimming or paddling so it’s time for Lake Constance – a lake with a great view on Alps from the shoreline. And if you are fan of skiing, snowboarding and sledding so it’s time to visit mount Zugspitze where you can spend a night in the Igloo village or you can go in one day trip to an historic via cable car or cog wheel train. And don’t miss visiting Cologne Cathedral, the giant old church.

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