China Trips And Tips

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China Trips And Tips

Capital: Beijing.

Official language: Chinese.

Dialing code: +86.

Currency: Renminbi.


Beijing is the capital of the Republic of China

Made in China one of the famous word around the world you can hear it, read it or see it every day everywhere in china or outside it.

China is a country with wide-ranging climatic , so you can take a decision about the best time to visit, it should be based on the regions and time you want to visit and the kind of weather you want to enjoy.

Autumn one of the most comfortable season of the year it started from (September to early October). During that period, temperatures are reasonable throughout China with a limited amount of rain.

Great wall of China – Of course one of the seven wonders of the world, no visiting list about China would be complete without China’s great wall. We can consider it one of the main list visit item you can’t miss it.

The Forbidden City, visiting of Beijing should be on the top of your list, including a nice trip to Forbidden City, it is an ancient seat of China’s emperors and can be found in front of Tiananmen Square. in the past, people weren’t actually allowed into it unless they were a royal or an aristocrat, making this place all the more mysteries and  interesting.

Chinese New Year is the most important holidays for the Chinese. It is the first day of the first month in the traditional Chinese calendar. The celebration will start from the New Year’s Eve and will last for around 15 days until the middle of the first month.Before the celebration, people start to clean the house and display traditional new year decorations and People will normally visit relatives and friends, do some shopping, watch traditional Chinese shows, launch some fireworks.For sure you will like watching the fireworks in the sky.


You can find: colorful rocks formations in the Zhangye ,Danxia, Landform geological park; one of the wonderful natural rocks to see its unusual colors of rocks are the result of red sandstone; and mineral deposits being laid down over millions of years.

Colorful rocks,mountain

 Colorful rocks,mountain


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