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Ramadan’s Luxury Decoration Themes

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Ramadan’s luxury decoration themes are in everywhere in most countries but it could be different from level of living to another level and from country to country. But it still luxury for each level because it is the maximum decoration themes that this level can do. And if they want to change the Ramadan‘s luxury … Read more

Ramadan Lantern Craft

Ramadan lantern craft considered one of the main Ramadan traditional rituals created and held in Egypt. Moreover, you can say it’s one hundred percent Egyptian invention; back to celebrating the arrival of Fatimid Caliph Al-Moez’s. When he came to Cairo for his first time in the Hijri year 362 (972 CE) during the night in … Read more

Best Decoration Ideas for Ramadan

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Best decoration ideas for Ramadan will travel you back from time to time; and for sure you will recall all of your Ramadan memories when you were kid. The lovely Holy month without sparkling decorations is just not worth a celebration. The Ramadan celebration is well complemented with amazing crescent shaped decorations, with some sparkling … Read more

Useful Information About Ramadan Food

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Useful information about Ramadan food there is two main meals called suhoor and Iftar. Suhoor is a healthy meal served before dawn, and iftar is served after sunset. God create the holy month of Ramadan for so many great reasons; we can name one of them to maintain your body to avoid health risks. Like … Read more

Best Ramadan Desserts

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Best Ramadan desserts are very famous sweets to eat after Iftar during the holy month. Because it happens only in this month that people don’t think of desserts as guilty pleasures. During this month all Muslims abstain from food, drink, sexual relations, smoking and other vices between the sunrises to the sunset. After the sunset … Read more