Credit Card History And Origin

Credit card history and origin it started in every where inside the whole world long time ago in different ways when some rich people lend who ever need some money with some interest in return. Buy Now, Pay Later is the main concept of any Credit card. In the 1800s some rich people came on … Read more

Revolution Of The New Artificial Blood

revolution of the new artificial blood, erythromer, artificial blood, blood, new artificial blood

Revolution of the new artificial blood is the latest new technology for the medics and for emergency medicine crew. The daily mail announced lately that: Researchers and Scientists are developing new technology “artificial blood”; the first artificial red blood cells in the world designed to emulate the vital functions of natural red blood cells; which … Read more

Jugnu The New Li – Fi Technology

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Jugnu The New Li – Fi Technology

Jugnu is an Indian word, it means in English a Firefly. If you didn’t see the fireflies in real life you will think it’s not real and it’s a dream. But they are real for sure and they make a great bug’s show at night.

Firefly isn’t not a bug’s show only anymore it’s also a new technology show. We may see it soon available every where.


it is not a 1973 Indian Hindi movie produced and directed by Pramod Chakravorty any more; because it’s now one of the greatest invention in this century ; it is the next generation of smart LED bulbs; that can transfer data through visible light with the speed of light. It’s the implementing the Li-Fi technology in our new range of LED bulbs. It is the new wireless communication technology system which uses light as a medium of transport instead of traditional or we can say the old radio frequencies.

(VLC) technology ( LI FI ) refers to visible light communications; The idea of it is we had to keep the micro-control board in front of the laptop screen or your smart phone (GUI) and the data will be transferred wirelessly using visible light communication.

Li-Fi it will be the new generation of Wi-Fi, at the first real tests of light bulb technology fined; it is 100 TIMES faster than current Wi-Fi systems. You can download a high-definition film within seconds . It’s revolution in the internet high speed technology. Now it’s being tested in offices and industrial environments, shopping malls; and it has been tested too in public settings in Belgium, Estonia and India.

This is one of Velmenni technologies inventions.

May be very soon it will be no more Wi – Fi and it will be welcome to the Li – Fi technology.

Li – Fi It was a dream and finally this dream comes true.

Jugnu The New Li - Fi Technology, Jugnu, The New Li - Fi Technology, Li - Fi Technology

Jugnu lightbulb

The LED lightbulbs equipped with the technology don’t look any different than other LED bulbs; as the information being transmitted is encoded in pulses of light that are small; and rapid enough to go undetected by the naked eye.

Proponents of the technology envision a network of connected lightbulbs, which would all be used to transmit data between nodes.

But it’s unclear whether the benefits of faster wireless communication would outweigh the costs of constantly-on LED lights; or the cost of optical detectors that would require a clear line of sight to those lights.

While the Jugnu lightbulb is commercially viable; it’s still based on a laboratory-grade setup paired with photodiodes instead of a final product; that will transmit data in real-world settings complicated by light pollution and other variables.

Though enough companies have been interested in Li-Fi to start a consortium, the technology isn’t yet competitive commercially because of its limitations.

The technology sues protocols similar to the RF-band 802.11 protocols, with additional standards to minimize the effects of interference and ambient light.

But it can’t be deployed outside in sunlight or in aberrant conditions, and will need filters to work inside when sunlight is present.

Additionally, while Li-Fi doesn’t interfere with radio signals, that benefit is outweighed by a major limitation of the technology’s physics: that visible light can’t travel through walls.

Though proponents of the technology frame that as a security benefit, the fact remains that your old-school Wi-Fi network can do something that Li-Fi can’t: work in multiple rooms, even if there’s a wall between them.

The lights will also need to remain on all the time, a necessity that may not be an issue for offices or retail environments, but would be problematic in domestic settings, and environmentally unfriendly anywhere.

Jugnu The New Li - Fi Technology, Jugnu, The New Li - Fi Technology, Li - Fi Technology


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New Vehicle Trackers

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New Vehicle Trackers

New Vehicle Trackers, Vehicle Trackers, Vehicle


Do you think you can track your vehicle anywhere or everywhere in the world? Some people think that is hard to do that.

The answer is yes; you can track your vehicle anywhere by this vehicle trackers. In the past you can’t do that easily and if you will do it; it will cost you a lot of money of hiring a lot of people to follow your vehicle. Nowadays vehicle trackers is new device you can set it up in your vehicle; and starts track it everywhere on a web server. You can say it just a click after the set up process and it will be an application on your smart phone then you will be ready to go.

With the worldwide use of smart phones you can do a lot of activities in the same time wherever you are around the world.

You can know where your car is and where you parked it if you have forgotten that.

You can track your vehicle on a Google map anytime of the year when you activate the device on your vehicle. And also you can track your speed, traveled time, traveled distance and traveled dates.

Vehicle trackers

it is one of Velmenni  technologies inventions.

This device can also be tracked using Short Message Service (SMS).

This device will also help reducing stealing cars especially for the more expensive and non ordinary ones like expensive brand names and sport cars too.

GPS vehicle trackers used widely now in the whole world for business and personal issues and it get more useful; and faster than before by the high speed of the internet; and the huge spread of smartphones usage around the global world wide. Because everybody can’t stop using the smartphone or mobile phone after he tried using it.

Nowadays most of the big rental vehicles, taxis and vehicles services started using it.

It’s the best investment for your family and business you can make.

The Vehicle tracking technology is the safest way for all of your family members and it’s also easiest way for any business can improve good profit, perfect routing, and excellent customer service with efficiency.

The GPS system now became part of our lifestyle now; same thing like social media and smart phones. Once you are connecting to the internet; by clicking on the GPS button from your Smartphone to open the GPS system; you will be tracked by GPS system immediately. Most companies are now utilizing GPS tracking system technology such as:

  • Uber
  • Vehicle for transporting money
  • Driver education schools
  • Famous flower shops
  • Most of pizza delivery services
  • The big chains of grocery stores
  • Construction companies
  • All taxi services
  • A lot of distribution companies
  • And there are so many more than all of that.

There is an example for company delivers respectful vehicle trackers system on GPS its OnStar Company. You can say its specialist online customer service in vehicle trackers system on GPS. So you can use this service in Family link to be always linked in with your family anywhere; emergency to get at least the basic immediate help when needed; security to avoid vehicle theft from any kind; navigation if you get lost or you want to reach any destination safely & easily; Vehicle manager to manage, maintain and locate your vehicle through the GPS by sending people to the vehicle to fix that for you; it can give you insurance discount.

It’s time for you just to think wider and positive for you and your precious family to use one of these services to avoid any theft or any vehicle problem on the high way. Don’t think hard just do what ever you have to do for you and for your family.

New Vehicle Trackers, Vehicle Trackers, Vehicle

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Future Contact Lenses With Electronic Displays

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Future Contact Lenses With Electronic Displays

As Wynn Stewart sang his great song” another day; another dollar” I can say with all my respect to the great singer Wynn Stewart “another day; another new technology“.

Every single day there is a new technology comes up in our world; and the development in this technology is too fast and endless. You can say it’s an addiction once your legs are in; you can’t get out of it without new technology under your name or under your use.

Contact lenses

Or CL, it is a thin lens you can put it directly on the surface of your eye; to correct vision immediately; after you visit the eye doctor for eye check up. We can consider CL as one of the important medical devices you can easily wear it; or take it off anytime you want to correct the vision (easy to use). After that some beauty centers; & fashion designers start using contact lenses to make new look by changing the lenses colors. May be you can say contact lenses now  is something from the past.

Google glass is an optical head mounted display connected to the internet; designed in eyeglasses shape to display some information in front of your eyes. May be soon we can say good bye Google glass and welcome to the future contact lenses with electronic displays. This new contact lenses can be used both ways as a regular lenses and electronic lenses you can display and browse the web thru it and may be it will closely monitor your health in the future. According to mashable there are some Scientists from the Future Industries Institute of the University of South Australia have a proof of concept of a conductive polymer film coating that can transform contact lenses into little computers, which could work as electronic displays over the eyes.

Future Contact Lenses With Electronic Displays , Future Contact Lenses, Contact Lenses With Electronic Displays, Contact Lenses

New vision

A lot of Medical researchers around the world are working to develop and fabricate soft; smart contact lenses by combining recent advances in wearable electronics with wireless communications.

Their new vision is to create a smart contact lens which is capable of monitoring the physiological information of the eye; and tear fluid, to provide real-time, non-invasive medical diagnostics for a lot of patients.

Some of several early attempts to manufacture smart contact lenses resulted in less than optimal products. Well there are some previous reports indicated that opaque and brittle components were used to enable the operation of the electronic device; which could also block the user’s vision and potentially cause damage to the eyes.

Take in your considerations some of the crucial issues to be addressed before practical uses of smart contact lenses can be realized include:

  • The use of opaque electronic materials for sensors, integrated circuit (IC) chips, metal antennas, and interconnects that can block the user’s vision.
  • The integration of the components of the electronic device on flat and plastic substrates, resulting in buckled deformations when transformed to the curved shape for lenses, which in turn creates foreign objects that can irritate the user’s eyes and eyelids.
  • The rigid and brittle materials of the integrated electronic system, such as surface-mounted IC chips, which could damage the cornea or eyelid.
  • The requirement for expensive and bulky equipment for signal measurements, which limits the use of smart contact lenses outside of the clinical or laboratory setting by restricting the user’s external activities.

Most of companies behind smart contact lenses are staying quiet about their work; but we know that applications include health monitoring, medical treatment for allergy and burns; invisible computing and enhancing vision. The future of optometry includes the utilization of smart contact lenses for allergy, glaucoma, AMD, OSD, and more.

And you never know, one day we can say welcome to the Smart eye contact lenses like smart phones,you never know.

Future Contact Lenses With Electronic Displays , Future Contact Lenses, Contact Lenses With Electronic Displays, Contact Lenses

Future Contact Lenses With Electronic Displays , Future Contact Lenses, Contact Lenses With Electronic Displays, Contact Lenses

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Two Men With Jetpacks Flying Over UAE

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Two Men With Jetpacks Flying Over UAE

First of all and before speaking about jetpacks; we have to indicate that history is full of legends and fables of men tried to fly. Icarus is the most famous person who flew too close to the sun which melted the wax holding his feathers and as a result, he fell into the sea and drowned.

A Chinese person was the first who flew kites around the 5th century BCE and in 875 CE in the city of Qutuba Al-Andalus (Cordoba, Spain), Abbas ibn Firnas accomplished the first successful attempt of human flight.

Abbas Ibn Firnas’s homeland was Izn-Rand Onda Al-Andalus (today Ronda Spain) but he lived in the Emirate of Cordoba.

Ibn Firnas the 70 years old man, constructed his flying machine after spending the intervening years in studying the nature of flight; along with his other studies. He constructed a pair of wings using silk and wood and had sewn with actual feathers.

Abbas Ibn Firnas wasn’t only famous for his attempt at human flight; but also he has many other accomplishments to his name.

He was an astronomer who built a mechanized planetarium with revolving planets; and also he studied mechanical devices and timepieces. Furthermore he was interested in crystals, quartz and sand which would lead him to melt sand into glass allowing him to create Andalusian drinking glasses.

Among other very amazing and great experiments which made by Mr. Fernas  is his trying to fly; he covered himself with feathers then, attached two wings to his body, and getting on an eminence, flung himself down into the air. According to the testimony of some famous writers; he flew a nice big distance, as if he had been a regular bird, not a human being with feathers. But, he felt down very quickly after that and he hurt his back badly  ; because he forgot to provide himself with tail like  a bird.

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky; Yves Rossy he ‘s a Swiss pilot worked for along period as a fighter for Swiss air force before he switched his career to commercial pilot in an airline company, he  proved that we can touch the sky with special custom he creates it especially for this mission.

Sky news announced that there are 2 men with jet pack flying in the sky next to Emirates A 380 one of the largest passenger airplanes around the world.


                                          customs consists of:

  1. Formula one – fireproof suit.
  2. Helmet.
  3. 3 Meters wide carbon wing powered by 4 mini jets full of fuel.
  4. Three parachutes, two for his safety and the third one for his wing.

Yves Rossy ranked into Guinness record books as the first one to sky surf from a hot air balloon and in 2004 Yves Rossy also became the first person to fly horizontally for 4 minutes with a jet-propelled wing. He’s the first one to transform from human to a jet man.In the near future you can see, watch, and learn a lot of new things you never ever  hear about it before. But it will be reality while it was a dream in the past or even it was a regular idea. It’s time to enjoy these new inventions in our life.

Jetpacks became a new method of flying, specially flying horizontally.May be soon Mr. Rossy  can train new fly lovers on his new way of flying. That means, training well is a must before you start flying on your own. You can enjoy an incredible video shows two men with jetpacks flying in the air next to airplane.

So YES, I can do it, I can touch the sky…. Two Men With Jetpacks

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